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Nick prepared to lock up the office although he noticed Brice had never returned from lunch. Nick checked the desk calendar one last time to ensure they had both done all that was expected of them that day in terms of keeping appointments, and reports, plus the scheduling for the next day. He turned to switch off the office light when he heard the familiar ding of the elevator. Someone was getting on or off at this floor. He hoped that it wouldn't be Brice, because that would mean overtime, and he had plans for the evening.

Brice entered the office. "Damn Nick! I'm glad I caught you in time. Big emergency. I hope that you haven't made plans?"

Nick was too startled to react to Brice's presumption that he had no plans for the evening and would be available on such short notice. Brice was wearing an old torn T shirt and short sweat pants, plastered to his sweaty body. Wearing an old beat up pair of sneakers he looked nothing like the high powered executive that he was. He had obviously run back to the office from the squash court. Whatever it was must be pretty urgent. Nick set down his briefcase and followed his boss into the adjacent room that made up the private suite of Brice Jones.

"Uh...I've made no plans that can't be changed, sir. Pleased to be of assistance."

Brice pulled his T-shirt over his head revealing to Nick what he knew all along, that Brice was in great shape. Brice pulled off his sweat pants along with his briefs, until he was standing buck naked in front of Nick who started to shift uncomfortably as his cock began to exhibit growing pains.

“I’m going to jump in the shower. Be prepared for some serious work when I come out.” Brice instructed as he disappeared into his private shower.

Within minutes he emerged from the shower stall, water glistened off his dark skin like falling crystals in Nick’s eyes. Brice vigorously toweled off as Nick watched and wanted so badly to offer his assistance. Brice walked over to a nearby closet and soon the hot jock had transformed mentally back into the picture perfect executive in casual sweats.

“What can I do to help, Sir?” Nick inquired.

"I'm sorry Nick. I come running in here all sweaty and mussed and I haven't even explained to you my little problem. I hope you don’t mind my casual dress. Loosen your tie, relax. We have work to do but as it is after hours... would you like a drink?" Brice turned and walked over to the bar. Nick could barely contain his excitement. It was the first time that Brice had been this informal with him. Naked in front of him, a drink, what next? First names?

“You’ve been here awhile. It’s after hours, why don’t you call me Brice?”

First drinks, without his suit of armor. The man had a real meaty body. His ass was rounded and firm, not the type of trim butt that you would expect on a man of Brice's years, but big beefy butt cheeks rounded hard and firm. His sweats hung on him while moisture formed inside the crack of his ass. Nick was acutely aware that there was nothing between the sweats and Brice's hot flesh. Nick had to do some quick adjustment to hide his growing hard on.

Corporate Games


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