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Nurse Betty

Cain Berlinger

During the most powerful hurricane to hit New York, a predator hunts the male doctors, nurses and patients of St. Christo hospital.

Nurse Michael is gay and easy. Nurse Thomas has a fetish for seeing wounds and Nurse Da Silvio gets his kicks groping the patients. Then there’s Nurse Betty, with his own dark secrets. When a sexual predator stalks the hurricane-darkened corridors looking for hot ass, not even the straight guys are safe, but who is to blame for this sex epidemic?

Nurse Betty was originally published by loveyoudivine Alterotica.

eBook Cover Price: 2.99

42 pdf Pages / 6610 words

Gay, Drama, Medical

Heat rating: 5


Nurse DiSilvio Manzetti was built like a trucker. His family was totally surprised when he announced at thanksgiving one day that he had chosen nursing as his career path. His mother fainted and the men in his family were relentless with the ‘fagala’ jokes. Yet he persevered and was never happier than when he passed the nursing exams and began his tenure as a nurse at St Christo's.

DiSilvio loved men, but he also loved women and he especially loved men who loved women. He always volunteered to do the pre-op shavings. He had no problems bathing the elderly or blowing the young men who fell asleep once he administered the ‘doctor ordered’ sleeping pills. DiSilvio had checked out other career options. Other choices included being an undertaker, but he preferred his sexual partners more alive than dead. He considered becoming a doctor and that would have pleased his family for sure but he wasn’t about to spend all that time studying just so he could cop the occasional feel during physicals. Nursing was safe and he could always upgrade.

Americans were so bloody violent. Nurse Thomas Truitt had wanted to come to America since he was a child growing up on gangster films and cowboys and Indians and drug movies that glorified the violent natures of men. His people, the Brits, had much of the violence washed out of them over the centuries. The English weren’t like the Americans, who always rushed to war, refused to pass gun control and flourished in cities where almost every child carried a gun or had to commit some random violence in order to join a gang family.

America wasn’t becoming more civilized it was becoming more barbaric by the day and Thomas felt he wanted a front row seat. So when the nursing exchange program was started, his application was among the first of those submitted. He looked forward to being assigned to the trauma units, where he could see the most blood, and even push his finger into open wounds as long as no one saw him. At home he searched the internet for sites that catered to his kinds of fetish. Hematolagnia (sexual attraction to blood) and Traumaphilia (sexual arousal is obtained from wounds or traumas).

And then there was the ever so handsome Nurse Brad Betty.