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Barry Lowe

Uranus Needs Fags

What is it about his ring that attracts aliens?

Zane is headed for the sex party of the year when he sees a strange craft on the horizon on a deserted country road. A blinding beam of lights stalls his car and he suddenly feels himself being drawn up toward…that’s all he can remember when he wakes up in his apartment the next day, his ass sore and sticky. He attributes his memory loss to the copious amounts of party drugs he took before the party and his sore posterior to the great time he must have had. Then he starts to have flashbacks that involve a UFO, aliens, a space craft, and an anal probe.

Uranus Needs Fags was originally published by loveyoudivine Alterotica

eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 46 pdf Pages / 7988 words

Gay, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Happy Ending

Heat rating: 4


My eyes shot open. My surroundings were unfamiliar. Banks of beeping electronic equipment filled the room with little red, green and blue warning lights flickering like drunken Christmas tree decorations. I tried to move. I couldn’t. I glanced down at my arms to discover my hands were cuffed to whatever it was I was lying on. It was no longer a bed; it was metallic and cold. That led to the realization I was naked. Raising my head as high as I could, I saw my legs were bent at the knees, my feet in stirrups in much the same undignified manner women endure to have their pussy examined by a doctor.

The difference was…there was no difference, except I don’t have a cunt, not in the conventional sense as such, although my asshole serves very well as a substitute. I could feel an instrument exploring my anal passage. I’d had enough medical devices, as well as sexual, in my man hole to know one when I felt it. It was like a combination of a speculum and a colonoscopy probe.

Had there been an accident? Was I in hospital? The place was cold and sterile and smelled all disinfectanty. I seemed to be alone. I just wanted the pain to stop, so I called out for help. “Hey, anybody here? Hey. A bit of pain relief.” At least that’s what I was attempting to shout but to my ears it sounded fuzzy, the way people speak when they’re drunk or drug-fucked. It didn’t matter at any rate, for I heard the clatter of a metal tray from behind the double doors between the banks of machinery, and they burst open shortly after. My blood ran cold, I wanted to upchuck. It had to be something I’d taken earlier because it couldn’t be real. It was too hideous to contemplate. A slurred scream emanated from my throat until I felt a pin prick and everything went black...