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Barry Lowe

The Dex Factor


Bisexual, Group / Orgy / Menage

Dex has everything, except a conscience.

When his girlfriend, Lisa, begs him to let her no-good brother, Dex, stay in his apartment, while she goes back to the country to care for her sick mum, Jude knows it’s a bad idea. But it’s much worse than he could ever imagine. Dex is totally depraved and sets about turning Jude into a submissive gay slut who will give his ass up for money, drugs and, when the stakes are humiliating enough, for free. If that’s not bad enough, Dex has plans to show his big sis what an even bigger sissy her boyfriend is.

The Dex Factor was originally published by loveyoudivine Alterotica

eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 7100 words

Bisexual, Group / Orgy / Menage

Heat rating: 5


The noise was deafening. A combination of porn, rock music, and real live fucking, I heard it before the lift doors parted on my level. Worse, when the elevator doors opened, I realized the sound was blasting from my apartment. Even worse, my door was ajar enabling me to make out every word and every sound of porn actors fucking. Plus Arnie, my sleazy next-door neighbor, was getting an eyeful of whatever was going on in my living room.

 Worst of all, it sounded as if there were two people attempting to match the crap dialogue and panting in real life. Just as well the McManuses in number two were away visiting their children for a couple of weeks and that there were only three apartments on each level.

 Arnie must have heard the ping of the lift as the doors opened for he turned to face me, not at all guilty about being discovered peeping. He smiled lasciviously as my gaze dropped involuntarily to his groin where this thick sausage shape snaked down his shorts, the knob and about an inch of shaft poking out the leg. If I’d been a cock man I guess I would have been impressed, but I’m not. I’d been bailed up once too often by Arnie or his boyfriend Slava, and invited in for a cup of coffee and a blow job. Or even worse.

Both of them were street trash, feral types, with piercings in their nose and ears. Arnie was also inked with animal stripes down his torso. He was the better built of the two, while Slava, being Eastern European, was chunky and dark. They had the annoying habit of running their hands across my chest and over my butt. I told them in no uncertain terms to cut it out but my anger merely emboldened them. One of these days…

 “Quite a show in there,” Arnie smirked, “Maybe you’d better come into my place until it blows…over.”

 I couldn’t restrain my sarcasm. “Tempting as that offer is, Arnie. I think I’ll pass and take my chances at home.”

 Pushing open my front door, I’d taken a step when Arnie warned, “Watch where you’re walking on the tiles in the hallway, I had a little spillage while I was watching the action. All you need is a damp cloth.”

 I ground my teeth and shut the door loudly in his face. I didn’t have to see him to know he would have that superior smirk that was an almost permanent fixture whenever he was around me. True to his word, I discovered a small puddle of spunk on the tiles where he’d obviously blown a load while perving on…

 Well, I’m not gay but it was quite a sight to enter my own living room to be confronted with Dex, seated ministerially on the lounge, his eyes glued to the flat screen TV on which a gang of toughs were gang fucking two blondes who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the experience. So was the blonde between Dex’s legs, happily slurping on his engorged cock. I grabbed the remote to turn down the sound. Only then did he acknowledge my presence while holding the girl’s head down on his prick.

 “That’s it, honey, lick my balls.” Turning to me, he added. “I like your taste in porn, man. Very hot. Does my sis know what sort of heavy shit you watch to get your rocks off when she’s not around?”

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